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There are a couple of things to consider if speed is a key requirement. Configured with a Smart Hub, a Rayvolt can travel at 30-40 km/h on flat terrain without any pedal input. If you go with the more powerful Power Hub, a Rayvolt can travel at 35-45km/h on flat terrain without any pedal input. Unsurprisingly, the rider's weight will dictate the maximum top speed. The Eiva® app allows the user to adjust various settings regarding the e-bikes performance, which includes limiting or maximizing the top speed.

The distance a rider can expect on a single charge depends on a few variables (such as rider weight, terrain, how much/little throttle you use etc.) but generally one can expect anywhere between 60 -100 km. Most of our e-bikes also have regenerative braking which helps improve the maximum distance you can travel.

It depends on the model and variant. Smart Hub's come with a Smart Battery which take about 2.5 hours to charge, and the Power Hubs come with a Dual Battery which take a little longer at 4 hours.

E.I.V.A is the acronym for your Electronic Intelligent Vehicle Assistant converting your bike into a real smart bike with the dedicated Rayvolt computer or simply with the E.I.V.A app on your smartphone.

We work with Yonda.co.za, a reputable provider of financing for bicycles, to help you finance your Rayvolt e-bike. They offer up to 60 months payment terms and fixed interest rates from 14%. Simply ask us for a quote for the e-bike and accessories you wish to purchase and then head over to their site to see how you can finance your Rayvolt e-bike.

Not only are our e-bikes made from leading technology, top quality materials and engineered to last — we've also ensured that you get adequate coverage in terms of warranty. The warranties are as follows:

* Frame - Five Years
* Motor/Battery - Two Years
* Wheels/Brake - One Year
* Cover - Five Years
* Charger - One Year
* E.I.V.A - One Year
* Accessories - One Year

We aim to provide you with all the assurance you need to enjoy the Rayvolt lifestyle. Each bike comes with the following guarantees:

* Frame: Lifetime
* Motor: 2 years
* Rest of components: 1 year

Yes, you can - We’ve ensured that the wires and covers are waterproof so if you get caught in the rain whilst driving you'll be fine. The battery is well protected inside its cover. We recommend that you always make use of a good bike cover (we can provide that to you). Never deliberately leave your e-bike in the rain or drive it through water.

Rayvolt e-bikes are bicycles, so you can expect similar maintenance as you would for a normal bike. We also offer e-bike services at our main store in Stellenbosch.

We’re currently using Samsung Li-Ion cells. They are high quality that can do 1,000 charge cycles before seeing any degradation in performance. We also recommend the following to maintain good battery health:

* Do not let your battery stay discharged for extended periods of time (low voltage breaks down Li-Ion cells).
* Charge at least battery once every 3 months (keep your levels at least around 75% of capacity).
* Store your e-bike (and battery) in modest weather conditions (no extreme weather conditions).

Our helmets conform to EU safety regulations, so you can look good and feel safe!

Yes, every now and again we have a secondhand e-bike or a demo/floor model at hand. Rest assured, we'll never sell you a e-bike that doesn't meet our standards! Send us a message to enquire.

Yes you can! We offer day rentals from our main store in Stellenbosch. Prices are R200 p/hour for the 1st hour, and R100 every hour after that. Bring a friend or 2! (and your ID or license. Students get discounts upon showing their student cards)


Rayvolt offers free shipping within a 50km range on bicycles sold from our main store in Stellenbosch. If your bicycle does not apply for free delivery the fee will depend on a case by case basis (we will contact you with a quoted delivery fee which must be settled before shipment). All other items sold through our store will automatically apply the delivery fee (or free delivery) at checkout.

Free in-store pickup is also available on all bikes and items (simply choose that option at checkout).


If you receive a faulty product upon delivery you must contact us within 7 days. Depending on the case, customers will be responsible for returning the product to our main store in Stellenbosch, except for bicycles located within 50km from said store. Once the returned product is investigated and validated we will refund you within 7 days. Rayvolt accepts no responsibility for damaged products and bicycles caused by user error.